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Lenscrafters – Back to School Facebook Campaign

To maximize the social effect for Lenscrafters in September, digital agency Pixo Punch rolled out Back to School Photo submission Campaign targeting to recall fans’ collective memories of their “back to school moment”. This campaign was estimated to own most cost-effective performance to increase Facebook fans in eyewear industry.

This campaign was completely matched with seasonal theme (first day of school after summer), seamlessly combined with the design and layout. Beside prize incentives, campaign mechanism was simple and users could finish the game within 3 clicks, so users from student to parent with great passions not only participated but also invited others to engage, in the same time, blogger endorsement was also added in to enhance the viral effect. It is worth saying that, though such matched theme eye care messages were also well-delivered to the fans, which brought in the whole branding enhancement.

The results indicated that it was a successful photo upload campaign. Within one month period, Facebook fan page total likes increased over 60%, which vis-a-vis the industry average was extremely high.

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