Kiehl’s O2O Campaign: Kiehl's 肌膚防衛戰

Kiehl’s O2O Campaign: Kiehl’s 肌膚防衛戰


This campaign aims to introduce and arouse public awareness towards Kiehl’s new product, the Kiehl’s Cilantro & Orange Extract Pollutant Defending Masque, which helps withstand the damaging effects of pollution on skin. Pixo Punch was appointed to create an O2O campaign in order to create online buzz and boost foot traffic through an in-store digital installation.


Our skin is exposed to different forms of pollution every day. Each kind of pollutant damages and impairs our skin’s natural protection mechanism. To cope with this ‘skin crisis’, the public is invited to take part in Kiehl’s 肌膚防衛戰 to get a secret weapon and avoid pollutants’ attacks.


A responsive campaign site is built and 4 digital game installations are set in Kiehl’s stores. Participants are required to register on the online campaign site to get their secret weapon, i.e. a magnifier. They need to shake the dirt off the magnifier to reveal a unique QR code which can be used to join Kiehl’s 肌膚防衛戰 at designated Kiehl’s stores.

After scanning their QR code at the game installation, participants join an interactive game adopting Kinect technology in which they need to move their hands to wipe off the pollutants on the screen.  Product samples are given as a reward.


In 2 weeks, over 8,000 online registration and over thousand offline participation are recorded. Successful convert online participants to offline and average stay time in store had increased, which drive more sales opportunities at store.