Kee Wah Bakery E-Shop Revamp

Kee Wah Bakery E-Shop Revamp


The revamp of the Kee Wah Bakery E-commerce website aims to transform itself into an online trendy platform, showcasing enhanced user experience and outstanding brand identity. The website responsiveness is vitalized.


First and foremost, the website functions response to users’ needs. During the journey, users can create personal wish lists and get to know about related product suggestions. The calendar showing advised dates of marriage, e-newsletter subsciptions, and information of the nearest store locations are all included.

When it comes to design, the flat design principle backs the execution up: adapting large visuals with smooth scrolling effects rather than several times of click.

To catch up with the robust e-commerce demand, the global leader in commerce technology, Magento, has been adopted as the CMS platform. Besides, shopping cart can be accessed at all times from the global menu while pricing rules are made flexible. To target online shoppers from HK and the Greater China, AsiaPay has been accepted as one of the payment methods.


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