iclub Grand Opening Event: "Share this Moment" Photo Booth

iclub Grand Opening Event: “Share this Moment” Photo Booth


iclub Sheung Wan Hotel and iclub Fortress Hill Hotel, the Hong Kong’s first hotels with Mobile Key, plans to hold the grand opening ceremony for celebrating its availability of business. Our mission is to add value to the joyful gala by creating fresh and delightful experience for the distinguished guests.


According to our communication with iclub, we understand that they are favorable to 3 concepts, namely, intelligent, innovative, and interactive. After the thorough brainstorming process, we suggest setting up a digital photo booth and a social photo wall as the stage backdrop on site to present the strong brand image of iclub.


Under straightforward instructions in English, guests come in front of the photo booth for photo-taking. They are open to have social login for sharing photos online. Counting 3,2,1, the photo is just captured. Guests can choose a photo frame out of 3 representing the concepts mentioned above. A printed photo is ready shortly. At the end, guests are invited to share the pleasant moment with friends via Facebook, while photos are shown on the digital stage backdrop.


Over 200 international guests shown up at the celebration.  More than 90% of them interacted with the interactive photo booth, resulting in not less than 900 offline impressions as well as substantial views online.


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