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Huggies Social Campaign:

  • Raise the awareness toward the message that Huggies Pants is essential for babies to engage with the world
  • Get moms involved with the babies’ journey empowered by Huggies Pants
  • Create word-of-mouth and amplify the viral effect among target audiences


As babies hit their 6th months, the start of many small developmental changes is signified. From new expressions, to making eye contact, to moving a bit more, to first grasping an object, to making friends… they are just engaging more and more with the world. Huggies Pants does has it own role. As the best possible gear, it prepares babies for embarking on the journey.

The transformation means a lot to moms, who cannot help recording the precious moments as much as they can. That is why we think of inviting them to share the videos with us and other moms.

Besides, it would be better for the development of babies if they first make friends with babies whose characters fit in. Their confidence in making friends and interacting with others will be built. Thus, we help babies to figure out the desired personalities of their friends.


A responsive campaign mini-site is developed, acting as the container of the 2 phases, they are, Huggies BB 小電影 (Phase 1) and Huggies Buddies 小配對 (Phase 2).

During the phase 1, the growth of babies are categorized into 6 different themes, including Turning Bodies (小轉身篇), Waving Bye Bye (Bye Bye篇), Laughing (卡卡笑篇), Expressing Themselves (激動篇), Hitting On Others (搭搭訕篇), and Looking At Others (互望篇).

Users are to upload babies’ videos in accordance with the 6 above mentioned themes. Meanwhile, they are invited to provide the nickname, age, and gender of babies. The elements of Huggies Pants are added to the beginning and the ending of videos, while the famous artist Eric Kot Man-Fai is recruited to be the voice-over. In doing so, the brand messages and user generated content are mixed seamlessly. Videos can be easily searched and accessed by typing keywords on the mini-site.

The phase 2, however, is based on another angle: instead of recalling the memories, it aims to help babies make friends in the future. 5 questions about babies’ living habits are being asked, for example, what is the reaction of the baby when facing a stranger? ( BB遇到陌生人時嘅反應?)

There are 3 answers for each question. Depending on the answers, 4 possible types of best friends are generated as the results. In other words, moms will know the characters of the best buddies for babies. The types are Active & Happy (好動開朗型), Out-Going & Smiley (歡樂創造型), Interactive (樂於參與型), and Calm (斯文平靜型).


The participation rate of campaign is regarded as satisfactory. Within less than one month, more than 56,000 pageviews have been paid to the campaign site and the figure is still growing. By engaging with the over 20,000 unique visitors, the campaign effectively enhances the brand image of Huggies and benefits the sales of Huggies Pants.

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