Hong Kong International Airport eCard: Happy Year of The Goat Ecards

Hong Kong International Airport eCard: Happy Year of The Goat Ecards


In the era of Internet, all of us are used to send and receive eCards, especially during festivals. Hong Kong International Airport appointed Pixo Punch to build an interactive eCard campaign during this Chinese New Year. It was expected that Hong Kong citizens and frequent foreign visitors of the airport would be engaged to share eCards with their beloved friends and family.


As a campaign related to Chinese New Year, the elements of Chinese tradition and happiness are ought to be considered. Among several choices, lion dance is chosen to be the main creative concept. There is a lion dance show performed by a lion dancer and 2 goats. By uploading profile pictures, users will become the performers.

A unique hilarious video is generated for users to share and watch with friends and family. After all, the tendency of users preferring videos to images and words is becoming significant. As predicted, the video will serve as an effective medium to amplify the viral effect.


To cater for users with different cultural backgrounds, 3 language versions are developed, including Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, and English.

Afterwards, users are open to upload up to 3 profile pictures, which will be added to the 3 characters mentioned above. Surely, users can adjust the size and direction of photos uploaded.

Though the thing is done, the video does need time to come out. While users are looking forward to watching the video, the animation is shown for a while: a boy in traditional red Chinese costume is playing the drum whereas the diamond-shaped couplet is rotating, which signifies the loading time.

Users can play the video and instantly share it with others via different social media platforms and channels, namely, Facebook, WhatsApp, LINE, Weibo, Twitter and Email. It is easy for users to share as they merely need to press a button to copy the hyperlink of the page.

When friends and family receive the dynamic eCards, they will also be entertained and then motivated to send their own versions out, enlarging the reach and engagement base of the campaign.

Moreover, the print ad poster is displayed at the airport during the Chinese New Year Offline Event. To scan the QR Code printed on the poster via mobile, or simply type the website address on mobile or tablet, users are directed to the site to craft their eCards.


Although the campaign was held for 5 days only, the figures were impressive. A total of 466 videos were produced whereas the sum of traffic achieved 1672 times. It helps enhance the caring but professional brand image of Hong Kong International Airport, developing closer relationships with the local citizens and foreign visitors.

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