Hong Kong Airlines Facebook Campaign: New Routes (新航線‧友賞)

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Hong Kong Airlines Facebook Campaign: New Routes


To introduce the 3 new routes including Kagoshima, Ho Chi Minh City and Tianjin, Hong Kong Airlines appointed digital agency Pixo Punch to develop a Facebook Campaign in April.


Nowadays, travelling is one of the most popular leisure activities among Hongkongers due to competitive expenses. What if fans can benefit from their friends’ travel experiences and get free flight tickets?


Mechanism is direct and simple. After selecting one out of the three destinations, fans invite friends with the maximum of 3 per day. Based on the 5 most recent status, picture descriptions, and check-ins from invitees, travel experience for the fans will be generated upon invitees’ approval of invitation. The ones getting the required amount of travel experience with the shortest time win.


Total 1,215 submission and 4,004 new likes have been found in the 7-day campaign period. Viral effect has been yielded in the meantime in that 1,453 invitation notifications were sent to friends as a whole.



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