HKJC CLAP for Youth Campaign

HKJC CLAP for Youth Campaign


HKJC charity “CLAP for Youth @ JC” is Hong Kong’s first cross-sectoral support platform that helps students and non-engaged youngsters plan their futures. This programme aims to become a one-stop e-portal to foster an enabling environment for young people to identify their career interests and develop their career roadmaps.


Launched in March 2016, this campaign mainly aimed to raise the awareness of our target audience with the concept “childhood dreams”. The campaign was named “我的童年FF版” and particularly targeted on teenagers aged 15-21, who did not intend to think about their future.

Instead of telling participants theories, we adopted a different approach which utilized fancy cartoon characters to associate with particular jobs. We gave participants insights so that they might start to think about their future careers and learn more about some unpopular jobs.


Using only Facebook advisement, the campaign attracted more than 800 times of participation and helped recruited 800 fans for the official fan page within a month.