Henderson O2O Solution & VR Experience: MR. MEN LITTLE MISS 森巴FOOD-LYMPICS

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Henderson O2O Solution & VR Experience: MR. MEN LITTLE MISS 森巴FOOD-LYMPICS


In 2016 Summer, Henderson has cooperated with MR. MEN LITTLE MISS to host the event “SAMBA FOOD-LYMPICS” in 2 shopping malls, Sunshine City Plaza (SCP) and Shatin Plaza (SP). The event venues are decorated with a large number of MR. MEN LITTLE MISS decorations and various game booths are set up, building a strong carnival atmosphere. To further enhance the event experience and make the event truly the talk of the town, Pixo Punch has tailored an integrated digital solution for Henderson.

Business Challenge

During peak seasons, it is common to find shopping malls partnering with famous cartoon characters in order to boost foot traffic and hence create sales opportunities. To stand out from the crowd, a unique, innovative and delightful campaign is required to gain the interests of shoppers as well as online potential customers.


Virtual reality (VR) has grown immensely over the past few years. The technology simulates a user’s physical presence and environment to allow for user interaction with this environment. By adopting VR and motion detection technology, we enrich participants’ gaming experience by creating an appealing and immersive VR rowing game. Players can interact and compete in the MR. MEN LITTLE MISS world.

VR experience:
VR game booths set in the malls stimulates a rowing competition. A large banana boat is built and paddles with built-in sensors adopting motion detection technology are installed along the seat. With the VR glasses on, players can interact with MR. MEN LITTLE MISS and the environment while paddling the boat as fast as possible. Distance is calculated according to the paddling speed of the player, enabling a truly exciting, competitive and fun experience.

How to join:
Players can enjoy the VR experience by 1) spending designated amount in the malls, 2) registering on the campaign site. The campaign site echoes to the event theme, containing a mini game and the event details. Players can get an e-pass (QR code) for the VR experience after finishing the game.


This campaign resulted in a great success. The digitalized VR game booth has provided brand new experience to the visitors, making the whole event truly fun, exciting and jubilant. It acts as a strong driving force to encourage purchase and to attract potential customers. Meanwhile, the comprehensive O2O journey crafted by Pixo Punch has driven a great amount of online fans to the malls while converting on-site shoppers into facebook fans of the two malls.