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Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Celebration: Hello Kitty Go Around Website & Mobile Application


The grand finale of Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Celebration: Hello Kitty Go Around was held from 30 Oct – 16 Nov, 2014 at KITEC Kowloon Bay! Pixo Punch is thus appointed to build the website and the mobile app for the event, enhancing user pre-event engagement and on-site experience.


Pre-Event Engagement
Before the launch of event, fans must have already been overjoyed. They would love to know more about the event, such as ticket information and workshop. A comprehensive website, as a one-stop platform providing all wanted details, is just perfect to be served.

On-site Experience
Hello Kitty fans used to have great fun during the previous offline events, yet outsiders could only share their happiness via Sanrio’s news update. What if event-goers can enjoy synergy of online and offline experience like never before, while other people can get to know what is happening in the event almost simultaneously? Our Go Around Mobile App makes all these hopes come true.


With the theme of carnival, the website layout is packed with Hello Kitty and related elements, namely, her friends and favorite food. As a result, fans cannot help but fall in love with the website and greatly look forward to attending the event. Apart from receiving useful information on the event and available souvenirs from the website, fans can also be directed to buy tickets online for the event and workshops at ease. Besides, we truly understand that fans cannot wait to embrace the celebration. So we invite fans to download the mobile application instantly and enjoy the Hello Kitty photo frames in advance.

Mobile Application
Users are welcomed to explore the event with mobile through the 4 main app functions. First, one can scan selected on-site objects to enjoy AR animations in which Hello Kitty moves around the screen. Second, scanning on-site QR Codes can unlock exclusive photo frames. Thirdly, about 10 special Hello Kitty photo frames are preset. Fourthly, photos taken can be viewed and shared to Facebook easily. For the sake of convenience, users can even be directed to buy tickets and enroll in DIY workshops online from the app.


Since its launch on 3rd October 2014, the website, either from desktop or mobile, has received an enormous amount of view during the period. There are about 466,000 page views visited by approximately 72,000 unique users. The website is crucial to arouse the interests of potential visitors and to draw awareness of Hello Kitty fans, which creates a decent pre-event experience for all users.

Mobile Application
Within one month, as a whole over 20,000 downloads were recorded on the category of entertainment respectively in Apple App store (rank no.9) and Google Play (rank no.8) in early November. Meanwhile, more than 102,000 photos were taken via the app whereas a huge number of photos were shared online, creating even more impressions. In short, the event simply went viral thanks to the mobile app.




Mobile Application (iOS)

Mobile Application(Android)


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