H Queen’s Website

H Queen’s Website


The website development for H Queen’s aims to present its uniqueness as the center of Hong Kong’s art and lifestyle, hence, to increase the number of exhibitors, tenants and visitors.

Design Concept

In order to highlight H Queen’s stylish and distinctive image, a monochrome website with black, white and grey colors is designed. Inspired by the facade of H Queen’s, the hexagonal shape is adopted throughout the website. A picture of Hong Kong urban landscape is presented on the website landing page to demonstrate H Queen’s spirit: an icon of urban aesthetics.

Digital Execution

To provide an interactive and aesthetic user experience, various loading effects, hover effects and parallax scrolling effect are used on the website. The contents are well organized and displayed in different colors, which helps clearly differentiate each zone.

The responsive website perfectly caters visitors using mobiles, tablets or desktops. Thanks to the embedded sharing function, users can share the content such as artists’ biography to various social media platforms with simply a click.