GICL Social CRM App Development

GICL Social CRM App Development


This project aims to create brand awareness for GICL and promote their services. It also targets to unitize and strengthen relationships between GICL and their existing customers. Target audiences include young working population, entrepreneurs, investors and general property owners. In common, they are all social-active, looking for quality life and their potential buying powers are high.


A mobile application is developed for GICL in the form of a social CRM. It acts as an information and social hub which helps boost traffic. Users need to log in with their Facebook accounts and their data will be stored in the CRM.

In the application, up-to-date promotional information will be displayed. And the app contains an interactive game named “Hot Quest”.

“Hot Quest” gathers a large number of phrases or sentences from different media such as popular songs or movies. Those phrases or sentences are shown in random order and users are required to put them back in the right order. When users finish the game, points will be given to them. After accumulating certain points, they may redeem souvenirs such as iPhone 6S, coffee coupons and travel coupons. Moreover, users can gain more points by inviting friends to join.