Fresh Campaign: Make a Wish

Fresh Campaign: Make a Wish


This campaign aims to promote Fresh as a caring brand. The campaign was prepared on Facebook for fans to make Christmas wishes. Participants may also receive a free sample to try out Fresh’s product.


While Christmas is approaching fast and 2014 has almost come to an end, people start to prepare for 2015 and set annual targets for themselves. Fresh wants to take this opportunity to interact with its fans. This campaign lets participants make Christmas wishes through Facebook. After they have made their wishes, they may receive free sample as a Christmas gift. For those who write down the best descriptions for their wishes, they may receive the grand prize.


This campaign is rather simple and straightforward. When participants first enter the campaign, they can immediately write down their wishes, or select one of the default wishes, such as enjoying Christmas with their lover, having a big meal with family etc. Then, no matter participants choose to write down their wishes or select a default wish, participants need to upload a picture or write down why they have such a wish.

The first 5,000 participants would receive a free sample of Fresh’s product. Also, Fresh would select 600 participants who have explained their wishes best, and give them a grand prize. All wishes are displayed at the bottom and participants are free to browse others’ wishes.

After registration, participants would receive a text message for sample redemption. The URL in the message linked to a landing page which would be used by the staff for identification at the redemption site.


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