elyze “I Miss Youth” Facebook Campaign

elyze “I Miss Youth” Facebook Campaign

elyze Body Youth plans to increase its brand awareness through Facebook Campaign. Digital marketing agency Pixo Punch was appointed by Elyze and organized “I Miss Youth” Facebook Campaign to achieve the goal.

Simple game flow and creative present method

elyze offered a great set of prizes for “I Miss Youth” campaign to attract more fans to participate. The game flow is very simple and presented creatively as funny animations. Fans will get some health suggestions for keep youth and good figure through answering the quiz, which is hidden skillfully in the health dialogue as close friends.

Strong Facebook Connect

Unlike the common one-way participation, this campaign is more like a talk between close friends. At the beginning of the game, fans can invite their friends to find back the missing youth together. Through the friendly dialogues and based on the common interest, strong connection between fans and their friends have been built. Moreover, it provides share function for fans to invite more friends to be involved.

Project Information