Dermes China Website Launch

Dermes China Website Launch


The Dermes China Website aims to promote the brand as an expert in permanent hair removal for women, by providing general knowledge, free service sign-up and users’ testimonies etc.


The design of the website is neat and simple. Most information could be found at the front page.

It contains several parts. The first part contains general knowledge which shows the differences between Dermes professional hair removal service and traditional hair removal methods. The second part is users’ testimonies. All reviews are written by actual users. Some interviews are also included at this part. The third part is the introduction of Dermes’ treatment. The mechanism of the treatment is explained thoroughly so that visitors would have a better understanding before they select Dermes‘ service. The forth part is a gallery which showcases photos of Dermes Centers. The last part is free service sign-up.

Apart from the main components, the website includes an online consulting service. Visitors are free to raise questions to Dermes through the website and obtain an official response.

The website is designed for browsing through mobile devices. Visitors can access the website easily from smartphones or tablets.