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Darlie Campaign: All Shiny White Multicare


This campaign aims to raise the public awareness towards Darlie’s brand NEW product – All Shiny White Multi-Care Toothpaste by promoting the all-rounded product benefits as well as offering free trials.


With SWA whitening particles and a multi-care formulation, Darlie All Shiny White Multi-Care Toothpaste contains whitening plus 7 essential benefits for oral health. To engage target audiences and deliver the key product message properly, an easy and interactive game is developed.


During the 1-month campaign period, players can gain access to the Facebook Tab Game via desktop or mobile. To begin with, players are instructed to control the toothbrush. Moving it horizontally within 60 seconds, players should be able to hold 7 different types of toothpaste. Throughout the challenging process, the product’s comprehensiveness is presented.

To fill in the registration form, each of successful players receives a tube of toothpaste (40g) in 4 weeks by post. Viral effect is created as players are strongly recommended to share the campaign with friends on Facebook.


With over 36,000 unique visitors in total, over 76% new visits were recorded. Total 11,800 participants were engaged into the campaign within one month and more than 79% of total visits were contributed via mobile.

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