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Clinique Even Better Essence Lotion Facebook Campaign

Clinique aspires to provide the best skincare and makeup solutions to customers. This time another hero product is put in the spotlight – Even Better Essence Lotion, which is born to unleash the skin’s moisture retention power. Pixo Punch was appointed to devise a Facebook campaign to promote the magic power of the product. Only in phase 1, unique players amounted to 1, 2563 promptly.

Virtual experience through a few clicks with sample redemption

We compared skin to eggs during phase 1. Audiences were invited to select the most luminous egg among several eggs with a click on it. Then audiences were directed to witness how the product retains moisture and releases the luminosity of an egg step by step. After filling in information, they were entitled to sample redemption. To sum up, the experience let audiences visualize how effective the product can be in advance, motivating them to try it instantly.

Engage users via invitation of sharing experience with incentives

To echo with the sample redemption of phase 1, we asked audiences to share their using experiences online and thus to create a community together. To sort out the comments, we divided users into 3 different categories based on the numbers of Even Better products they used. Users who provided the best sharing would be able to receive the hero products. As a result, this interactive mechanism engages users successfully and enhances the brand image.