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Turn into Dancing Penguin and Create an Unique X’mas E-card!

Recently, to promote White X’mas Party of Central Central Shop, digital agency Pixo Punch was assigned by GRI to hold an O2O campaign offering a great chance to close the distance of the brand and customers.

As it was an X’mas event, Pixo Punch designed gleeful tone with an interesting customized “e-card” to let people celebrate X’mas globally. The mechanism was simple and convenient, people could easily login in animated e-card mini-site with mobile after activated NFC or QR code in the event, then they could turn themselves into cute little penguins with their images and share it to their family and friends which was warm and tender. Plus, it was considerate that others around the world who couldn’t join the party could also make their e-card though CC’s Facebook fan page.

X’mas e-card has made a great boost for party. This event successfully linked audience and CC from offline to online in happy rhythm, numerous audiences joined the party and became CC’s Facebook fans.

Now, star as one of Santa’s hilarious daning penguins in your own free E-card! upload photos of your friends and family and watch them dance!

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