Catalog Hong Kong Website Revamp

Catalog Hong Kong Website Revamp


The revamp of Catalog’s website aims to transform itself into a trendy online platform. Pixo Punch is here to help improve the website’s navigation flow and content arrangement. User experience and user interface are highly addressed.


The responsive website improves the overall usability and functions. It adopts finger-friendly design to provide users with perfect browsing experience with multiple devices.

To ensure clear navigation flow and optimal content management, the website is built with a clear menu, footer and sitemap. Brands and products are better categorized with a value-added search function. Location-based shop list selection is also available at the mobile site.

In terms of user interface, the website adopts a scroll-down layout  with the menu bar frozen at the top. Huge main visual together with grid view visuals and instagram photo collage are shown at the homepage to rejuvenate the website with a trendy and appealing design. The use of retina, bigger fonts, links and icons also enables a pleasant browsing experience.

In addition, social sharing functions to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatspp are added to amplify the viral effect among social circles.