Brand USA Hong Kong Social Campaign:
USA Food Heroes

Brand USA Hong Kong Social Campaign:
USA Food Heroes


Brand USA has launched a culinary campaign in Asia to invite the world to savor the United States through the power of cuisine and unique culinary geographic experiences. Pixo Punch was appointed to develop a mini-site to engage the general public in Hong Kong and rekindle their fondness of America.


To get the destinations and tastes of USA discovered by HK people, we are not bound to the culinary theme but try to inject elements of localization— heroes. Thanks to American movies’ influence, we are all familiarized with the big names, namely, Batman, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, etc. To put it simply, heroes is the cultural element in which we are interested and regard “Very American”. Using Heroes as the hooking point, we draw HK people to learn about the region-based cuisines and prepare for visiting the USA.


The mini-site offers users a lot of fruitful information and interaction. As for the game, with social login, users collect all 6 super hero badges by completing different kinds of specific missions, such as answering the open-ended question about the preferred cooking method of Dungeness Crabs and matching the names of 4 food festivals with the locations. Throughout the enjoyable process, users get to know more about the culinary geographic knowledge of the USA. Upon completion of missions, users even share the mini-site to friends via different social media platforms, creating the viral effect.

Besides, the sharing from and interviews of selected star chefs are shown, giving professional tips on cuisines. Meanwhile, details of several “must-try” restaurants located in the 6 regions are provided to users. Another session that can be found is the interviews of some well-known travel-foodie bloggers, who share their opinions with the perspective of HK people.


The campaign will have been launched for about 1 month. To date, more than 920 successful submissions out of 1470 unique participants have been recorded in the first two weeks and the figures are still increasing. The total visit of campaign and the total page view of site are impressively over 10,187 and 39,569 respectively. In addition, the mini-site does boost the fans growth of the Facebook Fan Page, which has received more than 6,300 likes in less than 2 months.


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