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b+ab Website: Showoff in the Virtual Flagship

Target on Young Females

Fashion trend is continuously changing and never ends. Flexibility in the fashion industry is an element that controls the success of a fashion brand. Digital agency Pixo Punch was appointed by b+ab to develop a website which gave strong impact on their target customers – young females.

iconic + signal

“The iconic + signal has been the main theme for the website. Black, which stands for mystery, supports the whole background.” Ben Woo, Project Director of Pixo Punch said. He also added that the color scheme matches with the energetic tone and manner of the brand on the website.

Virtual Flagship

“To cope with the rapid update of information and photos of new products, a CMS system is developed for the website. It can help users to manage the website easily no matter how much contents need to be revised. A virtual flagship website with an interactive showroom has then been built.” Ben Woo also added that social sharing function to facebook will facilitate in uplifting its market position.

b+ab website: