Air New Zealand #FlyAirNZ Truck Tour Campaign

Air New Zealand #FlyAirNZ Truck Tour Campaign


Air New Zealand is renowned not only for its quality of service, but also its Premium Economy seat and Economy Skycouch™. With the refurbishment of  a series of aircraft 777-200 in late 2015, Air New Zealand would like to raise awareness of their products and educate audience about the product advantages through product trial, hence creating sales opportunities.


“Trying is Believing”. Air New Zealand is pleased to seat you and let you experience the comfort of Premium Economy seat and Skycouch™. You are invited to complete your journey with Air New Zealand to embrace the breathtaking scenery in New Zealand.


A thematic truck tour campaign #FlyAirNZ is launched. The authentic Premium Economy seat and Skycouch™ are installed on an open truck which stops at multiple destinations in Hong Kong, allowing visitors to try and understand the features and decide which class best suits their needs.

To further engage with visitors, a digital installation is set on the truck. Visitors are encouraged to take selfies of their experience on board, and upload to Instagram with the hashtag #FlyAirNZ. The installation will collect and display all the photos automatically. Users can select and print their photos instantly with a few touch on the screen. Each printed photo has a unique QR code on it, leading users to a campaign mini-site to join the lucky draw.

The whole campaign not only provides authentic personal experience, but also utilizes the social influence of visitors’ social media platform, resulting in effective communication of product features and online viral effect.