Air New Zealand Campaign: The World's Most Beautiful Runway

Air New Zealand Campaign: The World’s Most Beautiful Runway


To enhance the branding image of Air New Zealand and promote the Air New Zealand Queenstown International Marathon to Hong Kong travel lovers and sport enthusiasts, Pixo Punch was appointed to initiate a mobile friendly Facebook sharing campaign in August 2014.


Hongkongers love running and enjoy stunning views around. Simply show the a few selected real photos captured along the route of the marathon to them would be tempting enough.


There are totally 12 photos of scenery showing 4 parts of the route. Participants choose one favorite photo among them and then drop us a few lines explaining why they want to go for the marathon. Upon completion of inviting friends and filling-in contact information, one is entitled to join the lucky draw and  may win prizes including round trip tickets to Queenstown as well as free entry of the marathon.


Within the two-week campaign period, more than 650 participants were recorded, which was by far better than those of previous campaigns. While over 2,300 new likes were generated, unique visitors of the Facebook fan page amounted to 1,950.

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