AIA Mobile Website Launch

AIA Mobile Website Launch


The digital world varies from minute to minute. Everyone nowadays carries a mobile device, e.g. smartphone and tablet, to obtain up-to-date information. Therefore, AIA Hong Kong has decided to launch a mobile-friendly website, in order to provide fast and convenient browsing experiences to visitors.


Formerly, the company website only has one version, which means that no matter visitors browse the website with desktop computers or mobile devices, they will go to the same website. Browsing the website with mobile device is not user-friendly since there are a lot of contents in each page. Now, when visitors browse with their mobile devices, they will be automatically directed to the new website. The new website adopts a tidy and clean style. The images and words adopt a different way to display so that all contents can be shown in an easy-to-read way. The colour tone of the website also matches with the brand colour to amplify AIA brand image. Moreover, Pixo Punch is responsible for the integration of the existing CMS (Content Management System) into the newly developed website.

With the power of digital viral marketing, it is believed that the newly launched website is going to be very popular in no time.

Website (Visit with mobile devices)