The AIA Great European Carnival 2014 is back to Hong Kong after an eight-year break. Located at New Central harbor front, the funfair attracts whopping visitors over 3 action-packed months. To further enhance the visiting experience and better interact with visitors, Pixo Punch is appointed to develop an event-based mobile application.

AIA is well-known as the real life company, which truly understands that we all face ups and downs in life and never know what comes next. In the constantly changing world, AIA is dedicated to genuinely engage in our life. To do so, AIA brings us the European-styled carnival with happiness and treasured moments.

As the tagline goes, “Real Life is a Carnival”. Entering one of the greatest attractions in Asia, visitors are delighted to taste lots of dishes, from thrilling new rides, to brand new skill games, to the classic carousel, to the outdoor ice skating rink, to the fun house and the house of horrors. The all-rounded carnival provides visitors with surprising experience like real life.

Given that each of the excitement is merely offline, our digital capabilities enable us to create a snapshot mobile application, named AIA INSTANT-GLAM UP. The rationale behind is the utilization of the high offline traffic. We make use of the traffic and aim to convert them to online traffic. Apart from the O2O strategy, the philosophy of SoLoMo (i.e. Social, Local, Mobile) is also cleverly applied: the app connects with participants’ social media accounts within the event space, while mobile technology is the bridge between online and offline.

A number of staff holding iPads go around the venue of 36,000 square feet and warmly invite visitors to snap photos instantly. One is just required to login via Facebook and like the Fan Page of AIA beforehand. Taking photos with companions, their happy and treasured on-site moments are shortly captured.

To match with the elements of the funfair, 4 fascinating cartoon-styled photo frames are ready to be chosen, including Rides, Ferris Wheel, European Performers, and Carousel. Photos are sent to participants via registered emails for them to download and share via social media platforms afterwards, helping spread out the news of the carnival and attract more visitors to come to the event site.

The following and last step is to fill in personal contact information. Upon completion, participants are entitled to join the lucky draw. Results will be announced both on the Facebook Fan Page and on designated newspapers later on.

The result was impressive. Large amount of photos have been taken in a month, the number of photo submission is still growing as the campaign lasts until the end of February. While crowds of visitors have been rushing to the funfair and enjoying the time, the brand image of AIA is successfully enhanced.

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