ACE Life's Campaign:

ACE Life’s Campaign:


This campaign aims to create a positive corporate image for ACE Life and softly promote their retirement products.


The campaign features a popular topic among Hong Kong teenagers – “成功需父幹” (whether or not one can be successful depends on how hard their father has worked).

When participants enter the campaign, a test will be given to them to determine their “父幹指數”. After the test, besides their “父幹指數”, participants will be educated some basic information for retirement planning.


Participants need to log in with their Facebook account before the test. The test includes 6 simple questions about participants’ lifestyle and their family background. After taking the test, they have to fill in a form and invite 3 friends to join the campaign. Then, they can obtain their test result and share it to Facebook.

All participants can enter a lucky draw upon finishing the campaign. Prizes include a travel coupon, a digital camera and a coffee machine.