Abbott Campaign: I Promise (雅培承諾印證)

Abbott Campaign: I Promise


This campaign aims to enhance brand image and expand CRM database of Abbott in both Hong Kong and China.


Our campaign provides parents a channel to manifest their love towards their children by making a Promise for Life (承諾印證). Parental love is everlasting. Parents would promise to take care of their children for their whole lives. We try to materialize this concept by asking parents to actually write down their promises.


During the 1-month campaign period, participants are invited to submit a parent-child photo, together with a statement manifesting their promises to their children. The creations can then be voted or shared by others. When a Promise for Life is created, voted or shared, a message will be automatically generated and posted on Facebook or Sina Weibo, creating strong viral effects to attract further awareness. After the campaign, more than 4,000 pieces of Promise for Life are created. To make the campaign even more meaningful, we prepared thousands of recordable cards to send to all participants, together with their photos and written promises. We have strictly monitored the production process of souvenirs to ensure that it is smooth and the souvenirs will be sent to participants on time.


The campaign had more than 230,000 visits, with more than 4,000 submissions from Hong Kong and China.


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