Abbott Campaign: BB Experience

Abbott Campaign: BB Experience


This campaign aims to reinforce Abbott as a caring brand and help Abbott to develop a closer relationship with its customers. Also, this campaign is expected to create marketing buzz on social media platforms and hence arouses public awareness on Abbott’s product.


For the last 125 years, Abbott has been promising to put customers and their babies in the first priority. This time, Abbott wants to have one step further, i.e. allowing people to know more about babies. To do so, an interactive digital campaign was developed so that participants could have the first person experience of a baby.

“Can unborn babies hear us?” “Can they feel our touches before born?” “Are they natural-born swimmers?” This kind of questions is always asked by young parents. They are curious about their babies and sometimes even worried. This campaign tries to let participants see what babies see and hear what babies hear, so that participants can understand more about babies.


This campaign is mainly created for young parents from Hong Kong and China. Facebook connection is required if participants are from Hong Kong.

In order to let participants have a comprehensive first person experience of a baby, the campaign contains 10 situations in total. Each of the situations tries to educate particular knowledge to participants, including guidance to comfort a hiccupping baby, the visual acuity of a baby, their eye-hand-foot coordination etc.

The journey starts from unborn babies, until they can crawl. Different situations require different approaches to tackle, for example, playing a sound clip, clicking the same spot for several times and so on. After participants have passed a situation, they can continue to try the next one or finish the game at that stage. If they choose to end the game, they could choose to share the game on Facebook and sign up for Abbott MamaClub.


Before the campaign was launched, Abbott had held an event in the “International Baby / Children Products Expo”. Therefore this digital campaign also served as a continuation of the offline event. Fortunately, this campaign successfully brought the BB Experience from offline to online and most participants signed up for the Mamaclub member.

After the campaign period, the campaign can still be accessed on the Abbott website. People can still try out the campaign to explore the BB world!


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